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tradacasino November 19, 2020

A Bit of Rare News Item is Powerful Enough to Shake the World!

A Joke first – when a journalism student met an editor of a popular news paper, he was given an example for news coverage. The editor said, “Look here boy! It is no information if a dog bites a man. But it is great info if a man bites a dog!” This says in a nutshell, the updates value of any occurrence.Stories published in Papers are the fancy of majority people around the world. Early in the morning, in whatever part of the world you are living, the day begins with a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite beverage in one hand and the newspaper in the other. Thinking of it, TV cannot compete with this popularity, among the people every day. But this routine is broken, when an occurrence of world interest takes place and all eyes get glued to their favorite TV news channel, to visually see and learn more about such a “Rare News”.
Throughout the world, thousands of News Papers and hundreds of TV channels, apart from a chunk of the web pages online, carry items to feed the appetite of the people for information. The craving is perpetual, as everyone wants to update their knowledge and information about what is happening around them – be it a local , national or International stories. Read more on situs poker.
Priority-wise, people give preferential reading of local news – that is news of happenings in their living town, then the State, Nation and World in that order. Here again, the interest of the people varies enormously, with regard to niches and topics. If some people are keen in Sports updates, some are interested in Financial info., and some more are particular about the Political updates. And amazingly all the papers, TV channels and Internet are carrying all these varieties, day in and day out continuously without break.
But some breaking updates and really “Rare News” never fails to attract attention of one and all – be it a sports lover; financial reader; or political fans. A recent example of such startling “Rare News” was the death of Osama Binladen, the Terrorist of world-fame (or ill fame?). It is not everyday such occurrences of world importance, without limitations of country, ethnicity, or language, do happen and such stories can easily find a place in the “Rare News” category.
People were informed first by the leading TV Channels around the world, about this dare-devil stunt of a story, in destroying the wanted Terrorist in his den. The local channels immediately followed suit, in describing the story with all the suspense and thrill possible in their narration, to appease the people’s craving for the details. And every Paper and Magazines carried further details of this “Rare News” throughout the world and in all languages, in their own styles and fashions of telling it.
Truly speaking, such a “Rare News” item is so powerful to shake the world.

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